Live @ Woodchucks Toledo Oh 7/23/11
Photo's & Review By: Michael Rys
Go to enough show on a regular basis your bound to see some struggles. Bouncers kicking patrons out, gals battling drunk guys slobbering all over them, fights because the mosh pit bumped someone too hard....and the ever ominous equipment failures. I don't care how big the band, how road worthy or well rehearsed.. Technical difficulties can scatter the most professional of acts. Three piece punk band from Toledo Lance Murdock battled through several of them, most of all the bassist's rig going completely dead which in turn took a snarling punk band down a notch to snarling garage band. Not their fault and it still was not bad. Great songs, short to the point no frills punk played with some NOFX influences heavy in the sound. Set lasted a few seconds under 20 minuets. Don't know if that's their usual set time or the problems got the best of em. Funny how the bands you want to stop play forever and the bands you want to keep going don't. Looking forward to seeing them with a functioning bass and a decent sound system.
Toledo punk king pins F.D.A. saddled up next and fought it out good with the inadequate sound ...These kats are aggressive with their instruments,vocals and songs.Lots of sing along chorus's, and plenty of room in those songs for stomping some boots. Several times through out the set that's exactly what the crown did too. F.D.A. ( First Degree Arson) has built up a strong fan base in Toledo and in my view can do well playing elsewhere they attract the young kids, some skaters and pay enough homage to the old school in their brand of punk that the grizzled seen it all scene vets dig em too. I sure did,looking forward to seeing them again.
Against The Grain starting their summer US tour coming in for their first stop from a kick off show the previous night in their hometown Detroit had not played Toledo before so the crowd that hung out didn't know what to expect. Some ambled outside maybe thinking about calling it a night.. That's is till ATG kicked it in to their first song. I'm thinking it perked up every ones attention cause most of them came filing back in and didn't leave till they were done.Against The Grain is one of those rare bands that come along and no matter how good everyone else on the bill is, and this night it was damn good, they just seemed to step it up and smack it out of the park. Its a whole combinations of factors too, song construction,melodies,harmonies, killer guitar attack and insane rhythm section and stage presence too. ATG posses that elusive presence on stage that can given the right breaks send them to the next level playing for bigger audiences. Not too mention drive too, these guys do everything themselves and do it right form booking,merchandising,and promotions.The set was amazing , and so good it made me forget how much the sound system sucked.Check out Against the Grain when they hit your town,as many others have been finding out its worth the drive, admission, and pissing your girl friend off for.