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Issue 14 AEA
Issue 14 Cover by WInston Blakely
Issue # 14 Summer 2008

A well written and very informed Magazine from Garden City New York. It features reviews of Vinyl, CD's, Magazines, DVD, Live Shows plus well written interviews and views on politics... Dave has a kick ass magazine..  Buy it Now!
Cover artwork by Winston Blakely... It would appear that the magazine comes out quarterly and this current Summer Issue features interviews with Anti Christ Magazine, Axemaster, Axis Video, Cadaveria, Scream Queen Monique Dupree, "Vampire Vignettes;"  Author G.L. Giles, Maria Campbell of Gothic Goddess Media,  A Rebel Life: with Monika Host Monika, Heavy Metal Belly Dancer Tazina, Princess Horror of Terror Film Festival and Vasaria.. Featuring reviews from Dave Wolff, Mickmo "The Dark Artist" of The Underground, Twan Sibon of Brutalism, Kevin Hansen of Brainscab Zine, Lord Beelzebulb and Juan Martin with Artwork by Winston Blakely of Creative One Comics and Mickmo.

To Order:  Send a  Well Concealed $5 which includes S&H Charges or you can trade material to:

3 Maple Street
Garden City,New York 11530-1812

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