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An Exclusive Interview With
By: Pamela Torres
PUNK GLOBE: I understand that you originally come from Mexico. What drove you to become a DJ?
A: Well, I'm from Ensenda Baja California México, Baja California, and I really like the industrial music, experimental, EBM, SYNTH, Noise etc. My inspiracion comes from all the groups with this touch.
PUNK GLOBE: Your music has an intensely erotic cyber-goth techno sound, like it could be used in a porn movie. Can you tell me what artists influenced you?
A: Its for perverted people LOL! I like the stroke pervets and of course Adriano canzian is one inspiration with perverts' names and phrases him very explicit (LOL!) with good hard bass :P
PUNK GLOBE: How long have you been a fan of Japanese visual kei?
A: I dont like all the visual kei stuff, and well... I like the apparence visual in some bands and djs. so for three years ago i follow the visual (cyber, goth, fetish etc) and i think japan is a revolution in the scene very nice.. (harajuku street)!
PUNK GLOBE: Where did the title Acronychal come from?
A: My strange name was born someday when I sit and search many many names in the web so I was finding a weird page with weird names LOL, and the name (ta tan) appeared ;)))
PUNK GLOBE: Have you played in bands or done other side projects before Acronychal?
A: Yes! I have other project called Horrorfilia, but my other project is industrial/horror so, i'm very glad with my 2 projects ;DD
PUNK GLOBE: So far, we can only hear your original tracks on myspace. Will there be an Acronychal in the future?
A: Only on myspace is the best way for show my work and i think and more Acronychal music's coming in the future, of course with support of the fans and many other people, friends etc,.
PUNK GLOBE: Anything else you'd like to say to the Punk Globe readers?
A: Thank you so much all follow my project really is really cool have support for all the world and Thank you so much for the time and the chance. Thanks for all the staff of punk globe many HUGS!
Keep in touch
Come moree!!!
Acronychal :P
So excited :=DDD
PUNK GLOBE: You are so welcome! ;D