March 2017


Keeping Street Punk Alive
In Guadalajara, Mexico
Interview By: Ginger Coyote

While on Instagram I saw a photo of a band that looked a bit like The Casualties so I decided to make contact with them about doing an interview... They agreed so here is my interview with Guadalajara's own Acidez. These guys Rule!!!

Punk Globe: Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. Where in Mexico is the band located?

Acidez: We are from,Guadalajara Mexico, it is in the Northwest of the country

Punk Globe: Tell us who is in the band and what they play?

Nauj- Drums

Punk Globe: I understand that you asked your original singer to leave the band. Do you care to talk about that?

Acidez: We asked him to leave the group for personal problems.
Actually he only recorded one album,(2007) and a Ep (demo) 2004
Our latest vocalist Tupa has made 3 albums and 6 video clips
so we think Tupa has more of a history in the band.

Punk Globe: You formed the band in 2003. Were any of the guys in other bands prior to Acidez?

Acidez: Yeah Rodo was in another band called Ladrillo
our drummer Nauj was in a band called Sociedad In Crisis, both bands were from Guadalajara The bands doesn't exist any more …….

Punk Globe: Tell us how you came up with the band name Acidez?

Acidez: Acidez in English is like acid or acidity
And the acid is corrosive, and the acid has to be isolated because it is going to corrupt everything. and it is the same thing that they do with punks, isolated them because they corrupt everything

Punk Globe: Who are some of the bands influences?

Acidez: We love hardcore punk form the 80’ like Exploited, GBH, Discharge,
and we like old school Thrash Metal and Metal Punk mix.
This our top 5 or influences: Exploited,Toxic Holocaust, Inepsy, Casualties, GBH,

Punk Globe: You released your first release an Ep in 2004. Was that a self release?

Acidez: Yeah it was self tittle ACIDEZ,and it was a DIY production. Our new Ep is a DIY release also. No Labels

Punk Globe Am I right in saying that you credit Social Media in spreading the word about Acidez?

Acidez: During the years since My Space we like to spread our name in social media, but we never paid money for that

Punk Globe: Tell us about the scene for street punk in Mexico?

Acidez: Here in our city the we are not to much street punks around here, but the big scene is in the capital Mexico City which has the biggest punks scenes in the world. There is always gigs and there is a lot of punks walking around in the city. Here in Mexico there is a lot of divided scenes, you know like hardcore kids,crusts kids,street punk kids, and this is a problem in each part of the world a lot of sub cultures, but in the end we are the same and we fight for the same, and we are against the same,

Punk Globe: Do you play alot of shows?

Acidez: Yea last year we played 76 shows in Mexico,Europe,& USA, this years seems like will be very busy for the band and we are very happy about it…..

Punk Globe: Has Acidez ever played with MDC?

Acidez: No never, It would be great to play with them

Punk Globe: How many releases does the band have out and are you signed with a label?

Acidez: We have 4 studio albums releases on both Cd & Vinyl
No hay futuro (2008)
Don’t ask for permission (2012)
Beer drinkers survivors (2014)
Welcome to the 3d era (2016)

We also have 1 split with Czech Republic Band Called Malignat Tumour (2014)
We already have 3 labels we work with
Bam Bam Records (Mexico)
Voltage records( e
Unrest Records (Canada)
Now we are working in other split with Total Chaos, coming soon this summer

Punk Globe: I read on Instagram you are playing a huge festival.. Tell us about that?

Acidez: Yes, we will tour Europe this summer 2017, It will be our 4 Euro tour.
in this tour we going to play in a lot of good festivals all around Europe, sharing stage with a lot of great bands like Discharge,Adicts, GBH, Exploited, Restarts, Agnostic Front, Cock Sparrer, DESTRUCTION, SEPULTURA and many many more big bands.

Punk Globe: Any recording plans or tours/shows that you would like to promote?

Acidez: Yes we are working in a new split with the band TOTAL CHAOS for this summer
we going to tour USA this March, Texas & California, also we going to tour Indonesia this may 2017 also we are working to tour south america in the end of 2017

Punk Globe: Do you have any website addresses that you would like to promote for the readers to get information about the band?

Yes our oficial web page is www.acidezpunx.mx,
our official Face book page is www.facebook.com/acidezband,
also you can find us on instagram Acidez_official

Punk Globe: If you could play anywhere with anyone where would it be and with who? It is your dream show!

Acidez: Our dream show is to play with The Exploited and we will play with them this summer in SLOVAKIA... Also our dream is to play in INDONESIA AND JAPAN, and this year Indonesia will be a reality
we love indonesia Punx

Punk Globe: Who in the band has the highest hawk?

Acidez: The Bass player had the biggest mohawk in 2010 for the video Clip mi odio Y mi Rabia

Punk Globe: Any last words for Punk Globe readers?

Acidez: We are Mexico Punx
thanks for the support, and don’t forget to listen Acidez and hope to see you soon
thanks don’t forget to visit: WWW.ACIDEZPUNX.MX

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