TYLER VILE chats with
ace facial
PUNK GLOBE-- Hey Ace, pleasure to be interviewing you. Please tell us a bit about yourself and Dirty Filthy Mugs.
Ace Facial- The Mugs are a bunch of old friends who met while playing in little punk groups years ago. Since We all ended up in L.A., we decided to start a new little punk group together.
PUNK GLOBE --Your original lineup consisted of members of several high profile punk bands, did you consider that a supergroup?
Ace Facial- Yes. We're like the punk Chickenfoot kinda.
PUNK GLOBE .- What's the typical Dirty Filthy Mugs songwriting process?
Ace Facial- So far, it's gone like this: I'll write a tune and bring it in to the guys. Conk will get it right away. He's a brilliant drummer that way. Joey, being the turd of the band, will usually say something like, "I don't like this part" or something like that. Then I'll tell him, "Write your own song then, you useless twat." Which keeps him quiet for the rest of that song. Matt's pretty easy going, but I think that's just because he's too lazy to put up a fight or write his own lyrics. Then, there's Timbecile... Let's just say he's not knocking anyone over with his talent.
PUNK GLOBE .-You guys cite composers like Bach as influences, do you feel that sets you apart from the masses of other street punk bands? If not, what does?
Ace Facial- I've always liked that stuff for the melody and power. It's not an influence that you can really hear in our music though. At least I don't think so. No, I think the one thing that separates us from the other street punk groups out there is the fact that we have Timbecile. Though he's truly an untalented, sloppy, drunken yob onstage, he brings an arrogance and spirit that's very rare in punk these days. I don't know what we'd do without him. I love him like a pet.
PUNK GLOBE -I could compare your sound to any number of bands like Cock Sparrer, Street Dogs, Sham 69 etc. What do you personally think it sounds like?
Ace Facial- Sounds good to me. We also rip off The Who, AC/DC, The Pogues, Toy Dolls and so much more.
PUNK GLOBE .- You recently signed to DC Jam records, right? Are you excited to be working with them and what do you think they bring to the table in a band/label relationship?
Ace Facial- They are the perfect label for us. Darron, who runs the label, is honest and straight with us. He cares about the label and the bands on it. I've worked with alot of other labels before some were handled very well, and some not so much. If I were running a serious label, I'd like to think I would run it like DC-Jam.
PUNK GLOBE- The shows you have booked for December look like fun gigs, tell us about your relationships with the venues and other bands if you please...
Ace Facial- I'm not familiar with the venues for the December shows except for Plea For Peace, which is a great place to play. We'd played there before and are looking forward to the show with Boats and Enlows. Some of the places we have played that we really like are 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, Blue Star in L.A., Alex's Bar in Long Beach and a few more I can't think of right now. The bands we're playing with in December are Nardcore legends, Agression, who are also on DC-Jam Records. Can't wait for that show in Camarillo, should be a blast. I know we're playing in Reno with Gentlemen Prefer Blood, The Maxies and The Atomiks. That should be a great time too. I know the guys in Gentlemen Prefer Blood so I think I'm allowed to say I think their name is one of the lamest in all of music. I grew up with the singer for The Maxies so when I see him I'll bust his balls about those uniforms they wear. I think I'll be meeting all of the other bands for the first time.
PUNK GLOBE- Are there any bands you'd like to play with in the future that you haven't yet gotten the chance to?
Ace Facial-So many.
PUNK GLOBE --Are you shooting for an album release in 2010?
Ace Facial- We're releasing our first full-length 'All Yobs In' on DC-Jam Records early in the year.
PUNK GLOBE- Any plans to tour?
Ace Facial- Nothing on the calender yet, but we're looking forward to touring soon.
PUNK GLOBE.- How did you get the name Ace Facial?
Ace Facial- It wasn't my first choice, but all the cool names like Nikki Sixx and Chaka Khan were already taken.
PUNK GLOBE.- Thanks for doing this interview, Ace.. On behalf of Punk Globe, I wish you and your band the all the best. Any final words of wisdom?
Ace Facial- Thank you for havin' me. If you want wisdom, you'll have to set up an interview with Timbecile some time. Cheers!