CD Review

By: Kim Acrylic
Tsavo's CD "The Search" struck me as a progressive type rock band. Theatrical vocals were impressive but originality was lacking. The first song "Campaign Of Fear" is both a mix of rock N' roll and a sleeper. One thing i admire about this band is that they can be almost hardcore but the vocals are so relaxed that it can pull off two sounds at once!

It's like if TemperedCast and Jupiter Crash had a musical child this would be the band.

Rough, raw guitars, deep, hard drumming, sleepy vocals and poetic lyrics
Tsavo (sä'vo, sä-vo) is quite the interesting band.

But I don't know to rock out or lay back and try to fall asleep...But its definitely a good mixture.

The vocals also have a "Tool" ring to them which is fabulous for Tool or A Perfect Circle fans!


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