kim n angie our dance night!!

so I am back from my California tour and wanted to thank any and all of you involved with my good time!

I started with a chariot ride in Kim's Valiant! A  welcoming homecoming at Angie's and awoke the next morning to meet with my mother for a brief breakfast and visit to FAUX salon were I sold 6 dolls! Thanks to all that purchased my messy creations!

I then went to Martins(darbys dad), hung out, and visited LUxe and she is so cute , yeah cute as a boot! (sorry I took no photos of her or her lovely sister Hailey!),

Then headed on over to Kimmies for a luggage break and a plan for Vegan dinner! Yum ! My friend Ryan owns a spectacular Vegan spot in Downtown SJ "Good Karma".


angie n Chris after our meal........

Kim,Angie and Chris had to go put on fancy shoes while Karen and I enjoyed a cocktail at my ol' faithful Mac's.(my Bloody Mary fix)....


paul, miss o, N Angie...

we proceded to walk to the oldest bar in SJ cinnebar a location in which I had commanded any and all to meet me for a conversation!....


karen and I visiting!!!!

we then proceeded again to Caravan and Blank club and made it back by 12:30 a.m. WOW! early night , which was only an excuse to get enough zzzzzzz's for my adventures awaiting me in the big city!

I took the train up to SF in the late a.m.Josh and I had some quality time together before I was to be whisked away by Dog Swan.......

Which so many occurances happened you will have to read about it in the upcoming issue of Oblivious Nation!

What I can say is that it sure was swell to have the time of my life without any bars or sex involved!!! heeeheee....


Dog Swan
.(my pirate in crime) 4 a.m. photoshoot...

soooo I awoke in the morning at Steve n Josh's with about 5 hours sleep! which is exactly what I needed for the delerium I was in dire need of! I had my much needed time with Steven walking up and down Howard and Folsom in another state of mind!

(hey I should be blogging this so I can get paid!),

my sunday morning veiw of Steven!

I jumped a late afternoon train missing my sister-in-LAWs birthday "damnit" sarah I am so sosoosos sorry!............I spent a lovely evening in Angie's bed watching HitchcOCK!!!

so so so so so so I needed all that above attention!

um oh wait ok!

I am in for an exhibit in SF on December 22nd (Friday) it will be catered and of course outta this world!

so mark those calanders!

December 2nd as most of you know I will be in LA (Nov 30th-Dec 3rd) with some of my favorites touring me around... Ginger, Elisa, DW etc. etc.. and if my dream becomes reality Paris will be at one of my exhibits! at www.monkeyhousetoys.com

or at www.thehivegallery.com ...........so all you LA addicts mark your calanders!

 If your in Seattle I will be at www.iheartrummage.com on Nov 5th and Dec 17th.......

 which will only leed me boarding a plane on Dec 18th to SF ........

 This Friday the 13th I will be helping Majenta set up for her extravaganza!!!! www.diamondtattooandbodypiercing.com 

 as of now I am holding tight to my insanity and stitching the hell outta some fabric for all the upcoming events!!!!

until the next update! I will be here with Xtina)!!!  xoxoxoox
manic in Seattle!!!
Miss Oblivious
(psss. most of my updates can also be found here: )
www.myspace.com/missoblivious   go ahead click the blue letters if you dare!


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