by Ginger Coyote

Jackie Sharp, Dirk Dirksen  and Ruby Ray
Photo Jill Hoffman

Dirk was a special human being. He introduced us all to Punk Rock  at The Mabuhay Gardens in 1977 when he started promoting shows there.....Through out the years of knowing Dirk,  I grew to love and respect him greatly.. Dirk was a member of my family..Not  my blood family...  but my Punk Rock Family..  This Family was much closer to me than  my blood family.. We cared and looked out for each other .  Dirk did so much for so many...

 People would contact him when someone was in trouble, sick or had passed away. Because he would be the person, who would always know what to do....  I am having problems dealing with the fact Dirk has really passed on and no longer with us...He was the voice of reason...

Ruby Ray, had seen him on Sunday at a Mutants get together and he was enjoying himself and even dancing a bit.. Kathy Peck said he had eaten  a Sandwich and  seemed to be in a good  mood  before going to bed on the eve of November 19. Dirk passed away in his sleep with NO lingering pain or complications.. 

 Film Maker Robert Altman another beloved human being  also passed on Nov 20...... We will miss them both very very much......

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