DC-Jam Records

Demo (CD)


1. Mister Know-I
t All
2. We Know
3. Find Bircho
4. Trusty
5. Soulmate
6. Bitter
7. String
8. Crack The Whip
9. Barney
10. Voices
11. Totally B

Twenty years ago DC-Jam founder Darron Hemann attended a show at a club in Memphis.
One of the bands there --
Trusty, a Little Rock, Arkansas Hardcore band -- was unforgettable.
After they left Dischord Records he signed them. 

rudy schwartz



Joe Newman


1. Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial Tractor Pull
2. Bob Eubanks Initiation Ritual And Subsequent Cumbia
3. Ernest Borgnine Memorial Birthday Party
4. Colgate Clean
5. The Fog And The Dew
6. A Career In Real Estate
7. Waltz Of the Mortgage Bankers
8. Ernest Borgnine Reprise
9. Ben
10.Obligatory Telephone Segue
11. Protect And Serve
12. A Sandwich For Adolp
13. Nice Lawn, Asshole
14. Snot Mouth Tweedle
15. Snot Mouth On The Beach
16. Bowling For Appliances
17. Mizzyluna
18. Wailin' Jack

Record label President Hemann relates: "The Rudy Schwartz Project -- insane, hilarious music I first discovered 
when purchasing a compilation tape on a High School Daytona Beach spring break trip called "'Passed Normal.' 
RSP had a song on there titled 'An Orange is Nothing But a Juicy Pumpkin' which I thought was too cool."

This music is not easily to define. It sounds a lot like Zappa, Beefheart and Harry Partch. RSP has been 
recommended by personalities as diverse as Rev. Ivan Stang, of the Church of the Subgenius 
(on his "Hour of Slack" radio show), Jello Biafra and Zoogz Rift.

"Bowling for Appliances" is a re-issue of the Rudy Schwartz Project's first record. Due to the 
politics surrounding the aftermath of 9-11, Joe Newman and his wife emigrated to Canada several years 
ago, and he no longer makes music. Sad. Another American talent who has submerged 
into the depths because of the cultural climate in the US.



Matt Smith - Bass
Tony Flagiello- Drums
Colin McGetrick- Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Aspite- Vocals, Guitar


1. The Lottery
2. You Know How This Works
3. Holf Me...
4. Perimeter
5. Look Up
6. Nite Lite
7. The Acquisition
8. Shook
9. Calm

Venomous -- not to be comfused with Venomous Concept -- the grindcore band.
Dark and intricate, jazzy harmonies prevail with this impressive Pennsylvania group.

Skate Rock

DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol 1. featuring 30 bands on a a two-disc CD set is scheduled
to be released in mid-February, 2009.
This DC-Jam Records compilation will feature music by JFA, The Big Boys, Painted Willie,
The Rudy Schwartz Project, Plan 9,
Pezz, Fang, Whatever Dude!, Butt Trumpet, Frontside Five, McRad,
Venomous, Neutralboy, Minus-One, Naked Lady Wrestlers, Dwarves, The Heard, The Copyrights, Underdog,
Psycho, Wednesday Night Heroes,
Fishbone, and The American Werewolves, among others.

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