A Biography of a Bar
by Alfie Kulzick
Chatterbox Publishing

by Ginger Coyote

This 128 page book  is filled with so many memories of the past. Alfie Kulzick, who owned and operated the Chatterbox , also adds fun interesting stories that occurred at the club and behind the scenes,  The Chatterbox was happening when the Mission Area of San Francisco was not as gentrified as it is now.. When gangs were roaming the area looking to kick some ass... and your car would get broken into.  The book contains tons of great photo's of  all your favorite bands of the era  like Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys, The Speed Queens, White Trash Debutantes, Dwarves, Sister Double Happiness, Special Forces, Helios Creed, House of Wheels,

Jackson Saints, NOFX, Osgood Slaughter, Our Lady Of Pain, RKL,  Motorcycle Boy and loads more...An extra bonus- that is worth the price of the book alone-  photo's of the legendary Johnny Thunders autograph on the wall and the above the bar mirror... Posters galore of the many fun shows.  A pleasant stroll down memory lane for us all..... A must buy for any true music connoisseur or as a gift for that special someone in your life... or even just a friend who never got the chance to partake in the scene at The Chatterbox............Available at Amazon on line or at your local Book Store.. If they do not have it..... ask them to order it...

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