Secret Records/Dream Catcher Records

by Shane




Black Flowers For The Bride
Inside Out
Hit Me
Feelin' Alright With The Crew
Boys In The Gang
Titanic (My Over) Reaction
Lie Lie Lie
Really Like You
Lil Red Riding Hood
Don't You Know I Need You
Biggest Prize In Sport
Nasty Nasty
Chicane Destination
Let's Face It
English Wipeout
I'm Alive

It’s pretty hard to be objective about 999.  Quite why they never achieved huge chart success is a mystery to me, although bad management played a part. What is on offer though is a series of stunning and sparkling punk rock fireworks that continue to explode into space with dazzling results. From front man Nick Cash’s sleazy vocal hiss that builds to a scream, the incandescent lead work of Guy Days (perhaps the most adventurous and gifted of all the first wave axe men) the solid and especially expressive bass runs of Jon Watson.  999 is a glorious celebration of all the finest elements of early punk. From the seminal speed punk of ‘I’m Alive’ and ‘Hit Me’ the urgency of the aptly titled ‘Emergency’ ,the menace and suspense of ‘Titanic (My Over) Reaction’ and my favorite 'Homicide'.  Nasty Tales  is quite simply required listening and pretty much an essential purchase.

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