7 Bands You Must Know
From Seattle
By: KEG keg@kegrocks.com

When most music fans think of Seattle, what immediately comes to mind? GRUNGE! While grunge was known for putting Seattle on the map, the "City Of Rain" has rapidly evolved ever since. Cutting-edge Seattle artists are now indie forerunners, giving birth to fresh, unique genres every year. If you you're not a Seattle resident, it can be hard keeping track of all of the new sounds erupting from the Northwest. So here's a cheat sheet. A guide to 7 Bands You MUST Know From Seattle. Don't leave home without it.

Akimbo www.livetocrush.com
Crushing distortion, sideburns, and not being another crappy emo band from Seattle are some of the influences cited by this hardcore trio. Akimbo's tight-knit technical blend blurs the lines between punk and hardcore.Known to regularly crush crowds with precision, their explosive show caught the eye of Jello Biafra, who signed them to his Alternative Tentacles label. Their latest full-length, "Forging Steel and Laying Stone", is their most "cohesive representation of a live show. " according to drummer Nat Damm. But listening is not enough. Check out Akimbo live and see for yourself.

Betty X www.bettyx.com
Pounding bass lines and bone-crushing grooves make up the mountain of sound crafted from northwest industrial icon Betty X. Each of Betty's releases progressively grows darker, spiraling down into oblivion. Betty's beats have a powerful addictive influence, and listeners soon find themselves trailing the Electro-Metal Pied Piper into the tempting darkness. Backed up by Hate, Dick Whiskey, and Scott Brovan, Betty regularly kicks out her intense live show. With a new album already in production, you can find new Betty material in "Unearthed", the latest project from independent filmmaker Craig Kovach.

Go Like Hell www.golikehell.com
To date, Go Like Hell has been the only band where I've been bitten, spit on, had an ass rubbed against me, and a beer bottle thrown at me- all during the SAME show! What a killer time. Voluptuous Mouthpiece Alexi Void is the 21st century Wendy O Williams, her swanky stage presence and on-stage antics with guitarist Luvleggs makes for a sense-shattering brand of punk that knocks you on your ass. The crew, also comprising of Elvis Christ, Oil Can Henry, and Frank Lee Tragic keeps you on your toes, and has already received praise from bands such as The Misfits, Total Chaos, Zeke, and The Accused. Get off your ass and go see for yourself.

Schoolyard Heroes www.schoolyardheroes.com
Schoolyard's musical style lies somewhere within the boundaries of the Punk Bermuda Triangle. A ghoulish, horror-flick mix of the Misfits, Maiden, and Queen constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat, just like when you weren't sure if Jason was actually dead. Lead singer Ryann Donnelly contributes her broad vocal prowess and past work in musical theatre to bring a knock 'em dead performance, whether the UW quartet is opening for Andrew WK, The Start, or just headlining their own 500 person show. Their latest effort, "Fantastic Wounds" is available now on their website, or their upcoming tour.

The Georgetown Orbits www.georgetownorbits.com
In their short time of being together, The Georgetown Orbits have already mastered a mix of hypnotic, reggae-influenced jams that breathe new life into the northwest Ska scene. I DARE you to try to stand still at one of their shows! Georgetown's heavy rhythm section provides a powerful, punchy backdrop, setting up dynamic horn lines and numerous improvised solos. Topping off the rocksteady mix are the distinct vocals of frontman and former Pulvert Mike Rempe. Georgetown's rapidly evolving experiment continues to work well in ANY live setting, whether they're playing with other bands (like The Phennomenauts) , DJs, or solo artists. Their new ingle, "My Baby's Okay", is available now on their site. Pick it up.

The Jet City Fix www.thejetcityfix.com
The Jet City Fix quickly clicked when five musicians crossed paths, looking for a new musical endeavor. Early jams soon turned into original songs, and after only 2 months of being together, The Jet City Fix was born. The Fix's powerful melodic brand of AC/DC-influenced rock is twice as addictive as it is pure. The unbelievable stage presence of vocalist Shane Flauding only further magnifies The Fix as future rock titans. Whether they're opening for Local H, Buckcherry, or The Makers, The Fix's show constantly gives the headliners a run for their money. They've been known to blow a few bands off the stage. Pick up their new EP now on their website.

The Treatment www.myspace.com/thetreatmentseattle
Blending powerful new wave melodies with infectious, driving hooks, The Treatment's growing buzz and vast appeal continue to prove that we'll be seeing a lot more of these guys in the near future. Drummer/Mastermind Burke Thomas and guitarist Leif Andersen have worked together before in Vendetta Red. Andersen recently received the award for "Best Guitarist" from The Seattle Weekly Music Awards. Leif's brother Levi provides the depth with unique, energetic bass lines. Sexy frontwoman Brandy's harmonic vocals and sleek stage presence round out the quartet perfectly. The Treatment's high-caliber musicianship stands out as they pull-off potent power-wave pop live on a regular basis.

About the author:

Dubbed The Lone Ranger Of Rock", Kris Kegley, aka KEG, is the first rock n' roll artist to sing and play all instruments ENTIRELY by himself live. KEG starts off playing one piece of the song, captures it, and adds more as he sees fit, rapidly ripping into the song in seconds! KEG's audio and attitude adjoins stripped-down punk with gutsy glam, positioning him as The 21st century revolutionary rock rebel. For free KEG music, please visit www.kegrocks.com.


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