4 Past Midnight
The Pain
The Mitre, Stourbridge, West Midlands UK
by Martin Jones

In the ideal Punk venue – a room over a pub, full of people there for the music, came THE PAIN from Wales and 4 PAST MIDNIGHT from Scotland.

 The Pain opened the attack smashing into the crowd to with a barbed wire topped wall of noise, if you were there you had to get to your feet and stay there.

The band kept the frenzy from start to finish, with clever, original songs performed like the stage was on fire 

 I haven’t been able to stop playing their CD “Arab on the Hill” since, run don’t walk and get a copy now. 

4 Past Midnight, if I was on my feet for The Pain, these three fuckers from Glasgow lifted then off the floor. If you’d never seen a 44-year old man pogo – it was me. Start to finish, song after song they remind you why you love punk, nothing stopped them, and I didn’t want them to stop. Get the Album now and you’ll never look at Jamie Lee Curtis the same way again.

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