By: Ms. Ligaya & The Floydian Device
On August 13, Ms. Ligaya and The Floydian Device checked out ‘22nd CENTURY’ headlining the Vancouver Street Festival on a hot Saturday night. These guys are a cool band recently back from gigs in L.A., San Francisco, and New York. They’ve got a big following in Europe and South America and will be out touring the U.K. in December. The band is Tim Plommer on vocals and guitars/bass; Duane Chaos on bass/guitars and vocals; Jesus Krysler on guitar/backing vocals; and Zippy Pinhead - who’s played in legendary San Francisco bands K.G.B. and The Dils, and a ton of great Vancouver punk bands - on drums. Pinhead was also one of the most entertaining subjects in Susanne Tabata’s recent Punk Movie: ‘Bloodied But Unbowed’.
The band hit the stage for the first time with new guitarist Krysler, playing a mix of songs off their first two albums and some classic Ramones and Thin Lizzy. 22nd CENTURY is an interesting combination of styles that mix the punk drive and melody of Nirvana with the observational (and often humorous) lyrical style of Weezer; and with a good dose of classic heavy rock thrown in to keep things down and dirty! This is a band that is moving fast: They’ve had over 1,000,000 views on ‘Reverbnation’ since August 2! It was a great show and we want to thank the guys for inviting Punk Globe to hang out. We also got to see Duane, Tim, and Zippy on stage with Jim Cummins later that night as "I, BRAINEATER" rocked one of the best shows of the summer. Check out the review and some video of that show in this issue: “A HOT NIGHT AT A DENTAL LAB”.
22nd CENTURY was recently filmed live over two nights in Canada at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre performing the title track from their CD ‘WHERE’S HOWIE!?’…
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